Alex Raymond Michigan

Alex Raymond Michigan


Alex Raymond Michigan lives in Catonsville, Maryland, and is active in his community. He has built a successful career in finance, and his skills in planning, investing, and managing projects are well-known. When he started working in finance, his goal was to keep learning and growing as part of a winning team with a lot of experience. Over the years, he has been able to move quickly into new fields and projects, where he has continued to be successful on almost every level.

Raymond started his financial career at Morgan Stanley. He worked there for over ten years, gaining experience and learning as much as possible about money and running a business. He also learned that working as a team helped him build a network of professionals he could turn to for help and advice.

Alex Raymond spent much of his time at Morgan Stanley building relationships, finding custom solutions for clients, and getting better at managing projects. During his ten-year career, he got a lot of licenses and certifications, such as: Series 7 and 66, PMP, Advanced Certified Scrum Master, among others.

By getting these certifications, Alex Raymond Michigan was able to add to his resume and promote his project management skills in several different ways. This allowed him to try new things and take advantage of many new chances.

As his time at Morgan Stanley ended, he became interested in different kinds of project management. Even though money was still a big part of what he did, he became more interested in IT projects. This became something he was good at very quickly. Before he left Morgan Stanley, he had built his business into a successful one that made around $330,000 a year and helped his partners grow their businesses by more than 30%.

Two years after starting his own IT project management business, he is now showing that he can make even more money.

Moving from working in financial services to managing IT projects was easy. All the tips and tricks Raymond had learned in his ten years at Morgan Stanley were now valuable in his new job. He was able to try new things and ended up getting two significant contracts. Navy Federal had one contract, and Driscoll's had the other. Raymond has gotten offers to help with project management from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank. He is both a project manager and a Scrum Master. His many years of experience have helped him quickly advance in IT.

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